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Small Group Training








My new small group training programme is ready to roll!

Share the cost and still benefit from individual attention and coaching with personal training in a small group (maximum 4 ladies )

A 10 week  mind and body transformation  programme designed to cover all aspects of health & wellness that effect long term weight management – not just diet & exercise.

Ditch the diet for good with my Simple family friendly meals, a fun flexible exercise plan and session by session motivation and coaching.


Benefits to you include:

  • Affordable personal training with group support
  • Improvement in energy and fitness levels
  • Improve self confidence
  • Decrease stress levels
  • Drop a dress size or more – guaranteed
  • Look and feel great in your favourite clothes
  • Balance hormone and blood sugar levels
  • Reduce bloating and body fat, particularly around the mid section
  • Mind and body training for results that last



Our group will meet each week for a 15 minute motivating discussion on some common culprits that can derail our best efforts at weight loss and the best tactics we can use to overcome them. Every week will be a different topic – the very same struggles that I see in most of my PT clients.


We will also complete a fun 40 minute exercise session that will be suitable for all levels of fitness and I will tailor the exercises to suit your ability.  You will also have access to some short, fun home workout videos to fit in with your busy lifestyle.

Members will receive the SSS members handbook, recipes and menu planners plus access to our private facebook group so that you are fully supported at all times.

And as a very special bonus, I am adding in access to any of my other exercise classes for FREE to give you that extra motivation to try and enjoy a variety of exercise sessions.

This is a very comprehensive programme and I can’t wait to share the details with you.

When?        Monday mornings at 11.30 – 12.30pm

Where?      St Brannocks church rooms (opposite fire station)

Start date  Monday October 2nd

There are only 4 spaces available, don’t miss out, Book yours NOW

10 week small group training transformation programme             only £195.00


Once payment is complete you will automatically be registered.  I will send you out your membership handbook, screening form and further instructions to ensure that you are prepared and ready to go on Day 1.

Testimonials from our first course


Marie’s Small Group Training is excellent.
I wanted something to get me fitter, healthier and looking overall better for a special occasion and, ten weeks later, I am far fitter, healthier and look and weigh less than I did 20 years ago!
Although initially the Small Group Training was a fair financial consideration for me, it is probably one of the best things I have chosen to do and well worth the investment.
Marie is encouraging, realistic and very practical. She pushes when needed and empathises when things go awry. Marie totally gets how hectic life can be. All of her meal and exercise plans can be easily fitted around everyday life with no need for hours spent at the gym or any calorie counting.
The ‘whole-body’ approach of this course has helped massively with understanding about the effects of sugar, stress, hormones etc. on our bodies. This is knowledge that will last a lifetime.
Highly recommended,
Thanks Marie. 🙂      Cath


During the 10 week course I have dropped a dress size. I have improved in fitness – I was purely running before but now with resistance and interval training mixed in, my running speed and stamina have greatly improved. Before I had only ever run a 10k a couple of times and never run more than 6 miles but 7 weeks into this course I completed my first ever half marathon. I am very motivated to keep on with the healthier eating and varied exercises ….this is just the beginning.  Kim 👍


This lady is awesome. She has really helped motivate and educate me in what makes a successful improvement in fitness. Our small group session was wonderful and all the ladies were supportive in the most fantastic way. Please if you consider anyone consider Marie x  Janis