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Simple Slimming Solution Club

Simple Slimming Solution Club – Drop a Dress Size

• Are you fed up with feeling frumpy and not being able to fit into your favourite clothes?
• Have you tried just about every diet out there without getting lasting results?
• Confused about which foods to eat due to all the conflicting weight loss information?
• Are you fed up of wasting your hard earned cash and time on programmes and classes that never give you the results that you want?


Change starts now.


My Simple Slimming Solution programme will show you how to:

Blast stubborn body fat for a slimmer and leaner body
Gain more energy and confidence
Eat to improve your mood
Train effectively, save time and wasted energy
All of this, without calorie counting, points, faddy foods or detoxing.


Get the results you want , in the time that you have and get back into those jeans & feel great wearing them!


What’s included in the Club Course?

• Weekly weigh in and 15 minute educational & motivational group chat

• 45 minute workout to improve fitness, strength and muscle tone

• SSS Club handbook with full nutrition plan and goal setting exercises 

• Access to our private support group for motivation and extra guidance

• Done for you (non diet) healthy menu plans and recipes

• Mindset and confidence coaching to keep you on track to reach your goals


NB. Booking is essential on the SSS Club Course

I recommend that you sign up at least 4 or 5 days before the course begins as once payment is received your course handbook will be emailed to you so that you are prepared and ready to go on your first session.


Join our 4,5, 6 or 7 week starter courses for that kick start to a healthier lifestyle or why not commit to the body transformation programme and get those results that you’ve always wanted. 

Please call me on 07810204545 to find out which course is currently running.

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Having tried so many diets, I was pleased to hear of a new approach from a friend.  She told me about Marie’s classes, but I was too self-conscious to go.  Fortunately, she was running a taster session which I went to (with the support of my daughter).
Marie was so welcoming and non-judgemental, giving me the confidence that I could actually change my lifestyle.
Her Slim and Trim class provided key information  about portion size, sugars, healthy eating and making better food choices.  The exercise classes were suited for all abilities with Marie giving various ways to carry them out.  The meal plans have provided tasty nutritious meals that I could prepare in 30 minutes for the whole family.
After the five week plan, I left the class with more confidence and was delighted to find that I was 11lb lighter and have lost 10 inches in total.
I would truly recommend Marie.  If you have lost your way with what to eat and what exercises to do, go and see Marie – she will help you get back on track.

Mrs T 26th May 2018

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